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How an Auto Title Loan Can Help You Get Through Difficult Times

August 5, 2020

During these uncertain and challenging times, many people are struggling to make ends meet. If you’re having a hard time covering your expenses and keeping up on your bills, you might be looking for temporary financing options. One of the options that’s worth considering is an auto title loan. Arizona auto title loans help lots of people make it through difficult financial spells without getting behind on bills or payments. Keep reading to learn more about this financing option and why it might be a good choice for you.

What is an auto title loan?

An auto title loan is a short-term financing option that provides people with immediate cash and straightforward repayment options. An auto title loan is disbursed using a vehicle as collateral. The loan provider is given the title to the vehicle and it is returned to the owner upon repayment of the loan. Because this loan is secured with collateral, there is no need for extensive screening or credit checks. This gives people the opportunity to secure financing even if they have poor (or no) credit.

Here are some of the benefits of using Arizona auto title loans to get through difficult financial times:

  • Quick financing: One of the most significant benefits of Arizona auto title loans is that they are a very quick financing option. In many cases, loans can be given within just 30 minutes of the start of the process. This gives car owners the ability to get cash quickly without lengthy screening processes or wait times.
  • Short loan terms: Lengthy loan terms can leave you with years of payments. Auto title loans are short-term financing options that are made in relatively small amounts and are designed to be paid off in a matter of weeks. This is great for people who are looking for enough cash to pay off some bills or cover an emergency expense between paychecks.
  • Stress-free approval: Because Arizona auto title loans are secured with vehicles as collateral, the application process is relatively stress free. With traditional lenders, applicants must meet certain criteria, including good credit, proof of income and a good financial history. With auto title loans, there’s no need for a credit check, and applicants can receive financing even with poor credit or a spotty financial history. This opens the door to financing for people who are shut out of traditional loan options and gives applicants the ability to secure cash without the risk of denial due to a credit problem.

Arizona auto title loans

If you’re interested in Arizona auto title loans and you’d like to find out more, reach out to Cash-N-Go Auto Title Loans of Phoenix. Since 2000, we have been proud to provide our customers with fast and reliable financing services, including auto title loans. We can get your loan funded in just 30 minutes so you can spend less time securing the financing you need. Give us a call or stop by today to find out more and get started with the application process.

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