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Easy-to-Follow Money Management Tips and Tricks

February 19, 2021

Managing your money can seem like a lost cause sometimes—even if you’re making more money than you have previously, your bills can rise, too. Unexpected emergencies and unforeseen expenses can take their toll on your savings accounts, which is why many people turn to Arizona auto title loans to make ends meet. Even if you’ve experienced a recent financial emergency, you can still turn it around with these money management tips and tricks:

  • If you get a raise, save it: Any time you get a raise, it’s smart to put that money in savings. Set up an automatic transfer with your bank to save cash every time you get a major deposit (like your paycheck). Even if it’s only an extra $50 per month, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up. By the time you need it for an emergency (or luxury) expenditure, you won’t need to take out any emergency loans.
  • Keep track of your finances: Knowing where your money is going—and how much is coming in—is crucial. Keep track of everything you spend, even if it’s a $1 impulse buy. There are many finance apps to help you categorize and analyze your spending, so you can see exactly how you’re spending your money. Debit and credit cards make it easy to spend without thinking about how much is in your account, or how much you’ll be on the hook for when the bill comes due. Tracking every purchase will make you more aware of your finances.
  • Explore the “why” behind your spending: Once you start keeping track of everything, you’ll quickly see where the majority of your expenditures lie. If you find that you’re spending several hundred bucks a month on fast food or delivery, for example, ask yourself why. Are you too tired to cook after work? Do you not know how to cook? Once you’ve explored the “why,” you can make adjustments to save money. The same goes for impulse purchases—did you really need that $200 Harry Potter box set, or did you just want to feel better about your bookshelf?
  • Shop with a list: Before you head to the store, make a list—and vow to stick to it. No matter what you’re shopping for, a list helps keep you on track. Plus, you’re less likely to forget something crucial while distracted by that tempting sneaker sale.
  • Eat before grocery shopping: Whenever you plan to go grocery shopping, eat before you head out. People tend to overspend when they shop hungry—after all, everything looks good.
  • Stock up during sales: Finally, stock up on items you need when they’re on sale. This will save you money over the long term, provided you limit yourself to things you actually need. Discount beer and wine probably don’t count, even if it has been a hard year.

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