Auto Title Loans in Phoenix, AZ

Our Phoenix, AZ and Glendale car title loans services at Cash-N-Go Auto Title Loans of Phoenix help folks in Arizona meet their immediate short-term cash flow needs (from $300-$75,000). Keep and drive your vehicle as you pay on the title loan.

What will I need to bring to get an auto title loan?
  1. Arizona title (with lien release if applicable)
  2. Current Arizona registration
  3. Proof of insurance (loans over $2500 need full coverage)
  4. Valid driver’s license
  5. Proof of residence (current utility bill, mortgage statement, lease with another piece of mail confirming lease address, or four pieces of mail dated in the last thirty days)
  6. Proof of income (recent pay stub, direct deposit, award letter, co-signer’s income, or if self-employed a recent bank statement)
  7. If you have a co-signer on the loan, we’ll need an application from them as well as their driver’s license, proof of residence, and proof of income
  8. Four to five references (not living together, only for emergency)
  9. Vehicle for inspection
  10. Come in at least one hour before close to get the loan funded on the same day.

Typically, car title loans take about a half-hour to complete. If you would like your loan processed the same day, please be at our office an hour before close. Call or apply online for pre-approval.

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How Phoenix and Glendale Car Title Loans Work:

An application pdf form is available through this link here.

Fax to 602-285-9447, or email us at [email protected], or bring it with you when you visit our office along with the other necessary paperwork. To help expedite your service please give us a call at (602) 264-3640 for a fast and friendly auto title loans quote and pre-approval. If you would like your loan processed the same day, please be at our office an hour before the close.

Once you and Cash-N-Go have arrived at a loan amount based on your application and the value of your car, you will sign loan documents prepared in accordance with Arizona regulations governing Arizona Secondary Automobile Finance Transactions (Arizona Statute). The terms of the statute are available here, and a copy of those regulations is available in our office. Whether or not you read the regulations, you should read the loan agreement and have all your questions answered thoroughly before you sign.

During the term of the contract, you must continue to pay auto license fees and maintenance. We also require that you maintain Arizona State minimum liability insurance, and depending on the loan amount, we may require full coverage insurance as well. Cash-N-Go will be named as the policy loss payee.

Loans may be structured either as “Interest Only” or “Fully Amortizing” depending upon which type best fits your needs or preferences. In either case payments are due twice a month on the 1st and 16th.

When the loan documents are completed, you will be given a complete copy of everything you signed. Using the documents you will sign, Cash-N-Go will be placed onto the vehicle title as a lien holder.

Are you frustrated by the high-interest rate on your existing Phoenix or Glendale auto  title loans from another lender, and would you like to pay it off faster? Let us reduce your payments at our lower rates. And you may be able to get extra cash if you need it! We will always try to beat competitor rates! We’re also available for registration and business loans and refinance options.

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