Title Loans For Arizona Residents

title loanIn 1995, Title Leasing Company was established at our current address for the purpose of lending money to consumers using the equity in their cars as collateral. Title Leasing Company was an early entrant into that lending market in Arizona.

In 2000, the Arizona legislature revised the regulations governing the title loan industry in this state, and the owners of the Title Leasing Company created Cash-N-Go, LLC at the same 7th St location to participate in the this new regulatory structure.

Cash-N-Go, LLC is licensed by the State of Arizona to lend money to individuals using the equity in their vehicle as collateral. Usually they own the vehicle free-and-clear, but sometimes the existing loan balance is small enough that Cash-N-Go can payoff the loan and still have significant funds left over for the client.

Loans issued by Cash-N-Go are usually known as “title loans”, since the vehicle is pledged as security. In some regions title loans are know as “pink-slip” loans.

You should be aware that the interest rates for short term title loans are higher than for other forms of consumer loans (except for ‘deferred presentment’ loans, usually known as payday loans, which carry a significantly higher rate of interest).

Even among Phoenix and Glendale title loan providers, interest rates may vary a lot. The State of Arizona has regulations that establish maximum rates that may be charged for title loans.

In your search for a lending company, be sure to understand the interest rates, and ask about any up-front fees that will reduce the loan amount you actually receive. Also, be sure you will not be charged any pre-payment penalties if you pay off the title loan sooner than expected.

We believe you will find that Cash-N-Go has rates that are as low, and in most cases lower than those of other Phoenix and Glendale title loan providers for your car/vehicle. However, because the auto title loan is not cheap, you should plan for it to be as short term as possible. At Cash-N-Go there is never a penalty for paying off the title loan early.

How do I Start the Title Loan Process?

An application pdf form is available through this link

Fax to 602-285-9447, or email, or bring it with you when you visit our office along with the other necessary, or simply apply online, or give us a call at (602) 264-3640 for a fast and friendly title loan quote and pre-approval.

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We will need to see the vehicle and get appropriate signatures to complete the title loan process. Even if starting from scratch in our office, the process normally takes about thirty minutes, and you can be on your way with a check in hand!

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Loan Credit Terms:

Loans can be structured as either “interest only” or “installment/amortizing”

If you select interest only loan, the payments will be lower since you are not making any payment against the principal. As long as you make only the minimum payment on the loan, the principal you owe will not be reduced, and at the end of the loan, you will still owe the original principle amount. However, you can make an extra payment of any amount at any time and all future payments on the loan will be reduced. Interest only loans are normally written for a term of 90 days, but as long as the terms of the loan have been met, the loan can be renewed at the client’s option.

If you select an amortizing loan, the payment will be higher because it will include an amount to reduce the unpaid principle of the loan. Amortizing loans are normally written for terms over 1 or 2 years, and if you have made all payments as scheduled, at the end of that time, you will have paid off the entire loan in full.

For either type of loan, payments are due on the 1st and 16th of each month. A payment coupon showing the loan status and payment amount due will be mailed for each payment.

All borrowers should consider the cost of a title loan carefully before committing to it, whether the loan is from us at Cash-N-Go or another Phoenix and Glendale title loan company. Like most of our clients, you will find a title loan from Cash-N-Go to be quick, private, and a professional way to raise cash fast. Further, you will find Cash-N-Go personnel to be friendly and helpful. Since you will have a relationship with the lender for the term of the loan, it is most important you select a loan company with which you feel comfortable.

At Cash-N-Go, we believe our customers are very important and deserve the best. Being a small, locally owned and family operated business, enables us to provide better service and support for our customers throughout the duration of their loans. Our objective is to encourage and work with our customers towards maintaining the scheduled payments and ultimately paying off their title loans. We’ve been in business for almost twenty years i the Phoenix and Glendale Metro area, providing competitive rates with fast, convenient, hassle-free service.

Are you frustrated by the high interest rate on your existing title loan from another lender, and would you like to pay it off faster? Let us reduce your payments at our lower rates. And you may be able to get extra cash if you need it! We will always try to beat competitor rates!

Getting a title loan is an easy process! You need only come to our office one-time to sign the loan paperwork. You can then make payments or payoff the title loan easily via the mail, phone or internet, using a debit/credit card or an electronic check.

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