Registration Loans

How Registration Loans Work:

Cash-n-Go offers registration loans for Arizona residents to help with short term cash flow needs. Loans range from $500 to $2500.

We offer registration loans on vehicles that are currently being financed through a bank or dealership. Customers with a pre-existing title loan from a competitor are eligible for a title loan buyout from Cash-n-Go and are often able to get a higher loan amount and lower interest rate.

Our registration loans are amortized over a one year term with no setup fees. Paying off the loan early reduces the amount of interest paid and with no early payoff penalties. Payments are due twice per month and can be made via mail, in our office, online or through your banks’ bill pay service.

How can I apply?

Typically registration loans take about a half hour to complete in our office. To help expedite your service, please call for a fast pre-approval at (602) 264-3640. If you would like your loan processed the same day, please be at our office an hour before close.

What will I need to bring to get a registration loan?

  • Current Arizona Registration (in your name)
  • Current Arizona Driver’s License
  • Proof of Residence (utility or phone bill)
  • Proof of Income (recent pay stub from full-time W2 type job)
  • Last thirty-day debit card transaction history or bank statement
  • Three Contacts (name, address, phone)

After your approval, all that’s left is for us to confirm your paperwork and for you to sign the loan documents. We will provide you with a copy of your signed agreement, and YOUR CHECK!